3R Connect

Workshop: International Projects and Partnerships for Textile Sorting and Recycling

In this workshop, you will develop future projects and joint actions with a focus on textile sorting and recycling together with actors from different regions within and beyond the European Union.

The registration is free.

The workshop will take place online.

Innovative SMEs, knowledge institutions, public stakeholders and other experts from different EU regions have come together to identify the most pressing challenges for circular economy in the textile industry. To address these challenges, they have identified innovative ideas and topics for joint action that can enhance the sorting and recycling of textiles. By participating in this workshop, you can be part of project development and collaborative planning, while also building new partnerships with stakeholders from different regions. Additionally, you will gain insights into potential funding opportunities for joint projects!

Which projects can you participate in?
Future projects and joint initiatives can focus on:

  • Digital and innovative solutions for sorting of textiles;
  • Reuse and recycling of large fractions of similar textiles (e.g. workwear/uniforms from for example hospitals, etc.);
  • Recycling of textiles to be used in new applications (e.g. in the construction industry, automotive industry, furniture, etc.);
  • Textile to textile recycling.

If you want to engage in joint actions and projects within some of these topics, this workshop is for you!


  • Introduction to the International Cleantech Network and the 3R Connect project
  • Cross-regional challenges for sorting and recycling of textiles
  • Hear which topics for future projects and actions have been suggested by actors from Denmark, Belgium, Portugal and Sweden
  • Case: Recycling of workwear
  • Case: Using recycled textiles for new applications in other industries
  • Exercise: Co-develop joint projects
  • Funding opportunities for joint projects
  • Next steps for engaging in future projects

This workshop is especially relevant for you if you are:

  • Working in the textile value chain, especially with a focus on sorting and recycling;
  • Have a textile waste stream that you would like to utilize for a new purpose;
  • Have a solution for using textiles in new applications;
  • A producer of a product, where textiles could potentially be used as input;
  • Or another organization with interest in joining future projects on sorting and recycling of textiles.

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Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

Programa Provisório

14h00 – Receção
14h10 – Abertura Pacto Português para os Plásticos
14h20 – Educar! Projeto Educativo “Vamos Reinventar o Futuro”
14h45 – Sensibilizar! – Campanha de Comunicação “Recicla o Plástico”
15h00 – Informar! – Apresentação do Guia “Porquê o Plástico?”
15h15 – Apresentação dos Projetos de Sensibilização e Educação dos Membros
16h00 – Pausa para Café
16h20 – Apresentação dos Projetos de Sensibilização e Educação dos Membros
16h40 – Mesa-redonda “Tendências da educação, sensibilização e informação para a sustentabilidade e economia circular”
17h30 – Encerramento